The Japanese-style dining, where you can enjoy the dishes special to Hakodate
such as a seafood rice bowl or set meal, squid sashimi, and thinly-sliced squid sashimi,
is located close by the Hokodate morning market.
Hakodate Dinning GAYA

Popular MenuIntroduction of popular menus with our customersTaxes are not included in listed prices.

Please enjoy seasonal ingredients special to Hokkaido.

Lunch Menu〈11:30 - 15:00〉

Gaya's Special Rice Bowl (Recommended 10 Toppings of the Day)

(Picture) Gaya's Special Rice Bowl (Recommended 10 Toppings of the Day)

Your Choice of Rice Bowl Set (Lunch Only)

You can choose a rice bowl from 12 kinds!
The value lunch set meals include your choice of rice bowl, soba noodle (cold or hot), drink, and dessert.

※ Soba noodle can be changed to Gogome udon. (+¥150)

We have a great variety of other menus such as "ramen, soba noodle, Gogome udon noodle, curry and rice, and set meal." We are looking forward to serving you.

Dinner Menu〈17:00 - 23:30〉

Taxes are not included in listed prices.

Drink Menu

Classic Beer, sold only in Hokkaido
Sparkling Wine
Shochu with Soda and Freshly-Squeezed Juice
500yen each
Shochu with Soda
〈White Peach/Tomato, etc.〉
450yen each
Shochu Highball
〈Green Tea/Earl Grey/Jasmine Tea, etc.〉
450yen〜 each
〈Cassis and Orange/Fuzzy Navel/Peach and Oolong Tea, etc.〉
450yen each
Fruit Liquor
〈Japanese Plum Liquor, etc.〉
〈Kita-no-nishiki/Hakodate-Bugyo/Kokushimuso, etc.〉
Whisky with Soda
〈Kaku Highball/Dewar's Highball, etc.〉
〈Kitasato/Tantakatan/Corn, etc.〉
Soft Drink
〈Earl Grey/White Grape, etc.〉
280yen each
Taxes are not included in listed prices.

Shop GuideTwo-minute walk from the west exit of JR Hakodate station

There are private rooms, which will be comfortable for a family with little children.

There are counter seats and private rooms on the ground floor, and a banquet tatami room and seats at tables on the second.
We cater for banquets and receptions.
There are three fish-tanks for live squid, shellfish and fish in the restaurant, which you can enjoy both watching and eating.

Hakodate Dinning GAYA

【Address】8-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido
【Open】■Lunch/11:30 - 15:00 ■Dinner/17:00 - 23:30
【Seats】1F: 15 seats at counter, and 40 seats in 6 private rooms
2F: 28 seats in a banquet tatami room, and 12 tables with seats

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Two-minute walk from the west exit of JR Hakodate station
You will see the sign of Gaya when you look toward Mt. Hokodate from the west exit of the station. At the entrance to the Hokodate Morning Market area.